Past Events

The Investiture

18 May 2019

The Investiture ceremony in San Francisco, inducting new Knights and Dames into the Order. 

The ceremony is followed by the Commandery Ball, a formal evening celebration for members, family and friends.

22 March 2020

A briefing by one of our beneficiaries, Project Healing Waters, including lunch and casting instruction. At the Golden Gate Casting Club in San Francisco.

Commandery Meeting
Wounded Veterans Polo Benefit

18 August 2019

The Wounded Veterans Polo Benefit, at the Wine Country polo Club, Oakmont, CA. 

This signature fund raising event, organized and run by the Commandery of St. Francis, is now in its tenth year. Members of the public are invited to attend. Details and ticket information on the event website: 

Upcoming Events

1 August 2020

Zoom meeting - Happy Hour online, plus Colonel Chadwick's Reminiscences of the El Salvador civil war.

P r o   F i d e   P r o   U t i l i t a t e   H o m i n u m